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Columbers Music

2017-01-02 11:55:39 by Columbers

I have had a YouTube channel for over a year (it's been that long already?), and I've been uploading my music to it. I make orchestral, cinematic music. Almost always, it features piano and strings. Sometimes I feel like adding brass instruments too. I decided to begin uploading some of my music to Newgrounds too. I've gotten quite good at composing, so why not listen to some of my music?

Also, I am not even 16 years old yet, so that makes me one of the teen music composers.




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2017-01-03 08:59:03

Surprise surprise, teen composers aren't really rare on NG. Alot of us here, myself included, started on this site as teens.

And I would recommend a dose of humility over your compositions. It would do you good. Every composer needs it, myself included, or we would not learn anything. I took a look at your compositions... I don't see what's good about them. They're bland.

More proper reviews to come soon so I can say what exactly is good or bad.

Columbers responds:

What I meant was I've been composing for about a year, and compared to my first pieces of music, I've improved a lot. I've not uploaded everything yet, so don't give up on me yet. I understand where you're coming from when you say my music can be bland; I try to keep it simple but that can get overdone. Thanks for the criticism though, sometimes a bit of criticism is worth more than praise.


2017-01-03 09:56:23

I won't give up on you yet -- @Step can recount his personal journey from making extremely cacophonous stuff, to making some of the best moderator music I've heard to date. And he's in his teens if I remember correctly -- so you have a fellow journeyer in music who also went through leaps and bounds.

Sorry if I come across as harsh; I don't mean to.