January 2017

2017-01-28 16:36:58 by Columbers

Hello everyone! Now that I've composed and uploaded some pieces this year, I'd like to say thanks for listening to all of my music! I really appreciate it, it means a lot!

So far in 2017, I've learned about the importance of musical form and structure, more about orchestration, mixing, and the importance of a good melody and interesting harmony. I also bought some brass and epic percussion VSTs. All of these things have really contributed a lot to my music; it's starting to sound less boring and more, uh, good I guess. I've written a couple of good pieces this year during my free time; school and stuff really takes up a lot of time because I'm second in my class! (takes lots of time and work...)

If you really, really like my music, subscribe to my YouTube channel because I'd really like for it so start to take off some.


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2017-02-03 10:55:11

the main factor of 'less boring' is not the tools, it's yourself that affect the production.

of course, they will sound better because they sound more 'mainstream'.