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Nice! It has some cool chord choices and some nice dissonances too. The composition was great, and the mix was pretty good. It could be improved a bit, but it's certainly not bad. I really liked the harmony and instrumentation. Keep up the good work!

This is really quite nice! I make epic orchestral and trailer music a lot, so listening to this was fairly pleasant. The mixing and production are very good, I'd say. Personally, I'd use a bit more sub-bass to make stuff a bit better; I never noticed double basses or anything, which would make the chords stronger. The drums also could benefit from some sub boost. Aside from that minor detail, everything else was great! Keep up the good work!

NicholasCabraja responds:

I'll work on it man. Before there was too much and I have a hard time controlling to not make it so annoying.

Thanks for the review!

I make orchestral music nearly all of the time, and this is really nice, especially for the first orchestral piece you released! This is very close to the "trailer music" vibe, I'd say. Nice chords and the instrumentation is pretty good. I'm not sure what samples or sounds you use for stuff like this, and while they don't sound bad, I think the overall sound could be better (no big deal though). The mixing is really good, and I'd say it makes up for the sample quality. I think you were going for a "trailer music" sound, so you'd probably need some French horns to make stuff even better!

I make trailer music a lot nowadays, so feel free to check out some of my music if you want!

Geoplex responds:

Hi there - first off, thanks for the feedback.
Trailer music was the general direction, though I think the composition and general tension are a bit low for real trailer music. This was more a general foray into the genre for me.

Thanks for the review man

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